Sheets - Infrastructure projects: assessment and planning...

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CT4760: Infrastructure projects: assessment and planning ecture 21: Overview of concepts Lecture 21: Overview of concepts and examples/exercises R.J.Verhaeghe Dec 2009 Infrastructure projects: assessment and planning (CT4760): contents of the individual lectures, year 2009-10 monday :45- 2:30 wednesday 0:45- 2:30 thursday 3:45- 5:30 10:45 12:30 zaal 1.98 10:45 12:30 zaal 1.98 13:45 15:30 0.96 1. nov 9, 2009 Introduction: characterization/role of valuation illustrations 2. nov 11 Optimization of plans and projects: introduction 3. nov 12 Micro-economic efficiency concepts; types of costs; scale fects evaluation, illustrations effects 4. nov 16 Financial evaluation; cost recovery 5. nov 18 Economic evaluation; economic (efficiency) prices; social aspects (equity) 6. nov 19 Public-private cooperation ov 23 8 ov 25 ov 26 es 7. nov 23 Multi-criteria evaluation methods; utility trade-off; applications 8. nov 25 Demand analysis 9. nov 26 Capacity planning (optimization, utilization/congestion) 0 30 1 2 3 ctur e 10. nov 30 Portfolio management 11. dec 2 Application: set-up & evaluation of a large scale regional water supply plan 12. dec 3 Pricing of infrastructure 13. dec 7 14. dec 9 15. dec 10 Le c Application: Strategic regional port planning (EU study: Black sea) Risk analysis Application: Flood control plan for the Wawar depression 16. dec 14 17. dec 16 18. dec 17 Application: Evaluation of High Speed ground transportation ; technology assessment Asset management Environmental analysis/impacts; indirect estimation an 4, 2010 0 n 6 1 n 7 19. jan 4, 2010 Internalization of external effects (pricing, standards, fees, certificates) 20. jan 6 Optimal welfare infrastructure planning – comprehensive set of criteria 21. jan 7 Overview of concepts in the course Examples & questions Written examination, monday, january 18, 2010, 14:00-17:00h 1.1 human settlement; economic activities demand - natural phenomena/ resources (mobility, water supply, flood safety, environmental quality, . ..) institutions/ rganizations: - man-made systems (infra objects, logistics) civil eng. projects: formulated/designed to satisfy demand or mitigate organizations: management options adverse conditions and based on technical/ economic/management options improved design of projects impacts 1) Role of evaluation development objectives evaluation input to decision making 2) Evaluation and project analysis 2.1 Aspects in the Scope of Optimization of project performance evaluation project analysis Technical Technical performance : process, efficiency (production function), Feedback Specific measures supply-demand interaction, utilization, generation of basic alternatives Generation/modification of (additional) alternatives Financial Profitability/cost effectiveness : cash flow balance, liquidity, cost recovery Identify/develop sources of financing; cost recovery policies; public/private cooperation Scale-, productivity changes, supply- emand balance Economic Efficiency - welfare optimization Direct effects: willingness to pay, cation effects, cost savings egulation efficiency Mitigating measures, technological demand balance ocial location effects, cost savings Indirect effects: external and
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Sheets - Infrastructure projects: assessment and planning...

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