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The main idea that jumped out to me was how ironic the theme of Laramie, “live and let live” (149), really is. Everybody assumes that Laramie is a place of “love” and “freedom,” a place of “live and let live”, but the murder of a gay student, Matthew Shepard, definitely defies this view. I remember in the movie a gay farmer humorously says that “live and let live” really means "If I don't tell you I'm a fag, you won't beat the crap out of me." In reality, this irony is ubiquitous in every society; externally, the
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Unformatted text preview: eccentrics, gays, minorities, etc. are “protected” under the law, but internally almost everyone holds intolerance against them and often treats them with prejudice, as Catherine Connolly in the play was avoided by others after she came out. I think the play is a fitting depiction the problems of inequalities and intolerance not only in Laramie but also in our own society...
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