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Play Response - mistake whether it be saying a line or...

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I attended play The Shadow Box and to be honest, I was first impressed with the size of the theatre. Before going to the play, I was thinking it would be one of those huge theatres that sit hundreds of audiences. Thus, the actual theatre was a lot smaller and less extravagant than I first imagined it to be, but it actually enabled me to enjoy the play more since I was able to hear very clearly almost every line of each actor and vividly see the movement as well due to the theatre’s small size. I was very fortunate to see the play close- up in the front seats and for it being the first ever professional play in my life, I absolutely loved it. It was almost a two-hour long play and actors are prone to make at least one
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Unformatted text preview: mistake, whether it be saying a line or acting, but I literally did not see any of it and was thoroughly immersed in the play the whole time. I especially enjoyed the scene at the end, in which every actor in on the stage and each say a line in turn about death and life. The only concern I had was usage of explicit curse words during the play. I did not mind but a warning before the play or a statement in the bulletin would’ve done better since some people are uncomfortable with hearing explicit words. Other than that, the play was very good overall and I would love to see it again someday....
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