TD301 4.02 - 2008-04-02The Jazz Aesthetic; Performance...

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Unformatted text preview: 2008-04-02The Jazz Aesthetic; Performance Art1. Directing in Jazz AestheticA. Listening for what is therePaying attention honoring the playWithout preconceptionB. Trust that the play has a truthKnows itselfIs in the room waiting to be foundC. Spontaneous dramaturgyD. Rehearsals stimulate directors creativityE. Rarely operates in realismDemands different acting techniqueFluid, improvisional2. Important Artists in the Jazz AestheticNtozake Shange; for colored girlsSuzan Lori Parks; The America Play, Topdog/Underdog (Pulitzer Prize 2002)Sharon Bridgeforth; loveconjuresbluesRobbie McCauley; Salleys RapeJoni Jones (Scholar of Jazz Aesthetic)3. Things to watch for:Repeated lines, phrases, images, stage pictures, momentsMultiple voices even in solo workImprovisation Improvised movementText written like musical score-Rhythmic stage directions, line breaks4. Themes / Issues to ConsiderA. AccessFor performersFor audienceRelated question: Who is the intended audience?B. Representation What kind of image, how do you want to represent ppl/culture?B....
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TD301 4.02 - 2008-04-02The Jazz Aesthetic; Performance...

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