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TD301 4.07 - 1 Ntozake Shange Poet playwright fiction...

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2008-04-07 1. Ntozake Shange Poet, playwright, fiction writer -Also performer & Director Born Paulette Williams in 1948, in Trenton, New Jersey Intellectual family -Emphasis on arts, culture Family moved to St, Louis -Integrated schools (1954 Brown v. Board of Education) -Moved back to NJ as a teenager 1966-1970 -Earned BA (with honors) at Barnard College – American Studies -Depression, divorce, suicide attempts 1971: Changes her name -Ntozake: “She who has her own things” -Shange: “She who walks like a lion” MA from USC – American Studies (1973) 2. Development & Production History 1974: Beings as a series of poems Opened at The Bachannal (bar outside of Berkeley) Moved to NYC -1975 – Studio Rivbea -OZ Scott Takes over as director; cast members start accumulating; piece moves into “theatres” -1976 – Public Theatre 2 nd play by an African American female writer on Broadway -2 year run -Tony nominated -Critically acclaimed but divisive -Still widely produced
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