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Here are the poems selected from Van Jordan’s M A C N O L I A -- "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," pp. 15-16 -- [John], "The Moment Before He Asks MacNolia Out on a Date," pp. 23-24 -- "John Montiere answer to question one," p. 22 -- "from," pp. 27-28 -- "Looking for Work," pp. 32-33 -- "In Service," pp. 36-37 -- "Infidelity," pp. 41-42 -- "with," pp. 46-47 -- "Dust," pp. 54-55 -- "Scenes from My Scrapbook," pp. 56-57
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Unformatted text preview: -- "This Life," pp. 58-59-- "Death Letter Blues Ghazal," pp. 66-67-- "Unforgettable," pp. 68-71-- "to," pp. 80-81-- "Rope," p. 82-- "Akron Spelling Bee, April 22, 1936,' PP. 96-99-- "Details Torn from MacNolia's Diary," pp. 109-111-- "National Spelling Bee Championship Montage," pp. 112-117--- "N-e-m-e-s-i-s Blues," pp. 118-- "My One White Friend," p. 120...
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