notes test 3 - 3-31-09-Hemingway was a mans man, and hes...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-31-09-Hemingway was a mans man, and hes not very popular with female…? He really like women, and liked doing mens things (hunting and doing adventures)-he could be as mean as a yard dog with his friends, writing about his friends-Fitzgerald and Hemingway were always in very strange competition-he killed himself, had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer-he never forgave his mother Grace because she dressed him as a little girl-female instructors turning against him, or not wanting to teach him as much-developed a style, the work speaks for himself, found a kind of new way to say what he has to say in fiction-the protagonist of THE SUN ALSO RISES Jake Barnes, has been injured like the fisher kind has been injured, Jake is un able to contomate his love for a lady who turns to a younger man (a bull fighter)-he really saw the art of boxing and bull fighting-Hemingway idea of grace under pressure- what do you really show under pressure-he learned very much from Crane-went in fear of the adjective and the adverb, in Hemingway its always he said she said, and the reader puts in the rest of the story-they went over to Paris for artistic inspiration, they also went over there for a drink, it was prohibition-this story should be very accessible to us-the key to writing is revision, its harder to write the short letter bc its hard get out whatever you need……….???-everybody knows everybodyNick Adams-The new guys come in, in the very beginning they order but theres rules at the diner, they start a rhetorical confontation with George behind the counter-the men are city slickers-the tip of the iceburg theory, the way that they are dressed, they are wearing gloves, hats, ..-there was a lot of presidtionetial and xenophobic,………….-the movies are going to help undo the innocence-false innocence in the 50s, bc all the time we are worried about the adam bomb coming??-that kind of self-conscious notation of the movies, and the movie portraying lost innocence-this was going to take the dark side, the dark side of life and picture it-4/2/09The Killers-Pg.1787- Al and Max are taunting the killers (Nick Adams) by calling him a sissy boy, also by kind of homophobic tauts-this is where things really started to go wrong in America, this would be the time this was read a huge threat to small town innocence and being able to live you life the way you want to live (leaving your doors unlocked and etc.)-they’ve been here for about 45 min.s at this time-Pg. 1788- gagging someone, Hemingway wants us to see how you don’t know how the gag feels except for the person that’s being gagged- “towel…?…in mouth?” -this is real terror he feels finally, loss of innocence, he feels all the texture of the towel stuffed in his mouth- Sam’s in the position to know when to leave it alone- Nick feels the right thing to do, as George does-everybody knows everybody, everybody has some sort of routene- Nick Adams seen all these things to become of age, to come of age is to realize that the...
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notes test 3 - 3-31-09-Hemingway was a mans man, and hes...

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