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00 has 3 significant figures 1510 has 4 significant

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Unformatted text preview: nt significant • 4.00 has 3 significant figures • 151.0 has 4 significant figures General Rules-Significant Figures General Addition and subtraction: • The accuracy of the final answer can be no The greater than the least accurate value greater • The answer can contain no more decimal The places than the least accurate value places • Example: 150.0 Ω (1 number after decimal 150.0 point) point) + 0.507 Ω (3 numbers after decimal point) point) 150.507 rounds to 150.5 Ω 150.507 General Rules-Significant Figures General Multiplication and Division • The final answer to a multiplication or division The problem can contain no more significant figures no than the leas...
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