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Unformatted text preview: t accurate value* than • Example: 15.03 ( 4.87 ) = 36.837 W 1.987 • Round to 36.8 W An alte rnativerulein which onem significant figurethan thestandard ruleis use has be n shown ore d e t o besom what m accurate S ere re 3. e ore . e fe nce * EE302 and Significant Figures EE302 Use the number of significant figures Use specified in any problem. specified If none is specified, you should use three If significant figures in final answers significant For lab measurements, three significant For figures is the maximum to be expected figures You will be expected to use the appropriate You significant figures on HW, lab reports, and exams exams Other Rules Other For decimal fractions less than one, For explicitly write a leading zero for decimal fractions to emphasize the placement of the decimal point the Example: • Incorrect: .28 • Correct: 0.28...
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