What is the value in engineering notation amps

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Unformatted text preview: . What is the value in engineering notation? amps. Engineers Use Units! Engineers The current in the resistor is 5 Five what? Amps, mA, µA? Any num ric quantity m haveunits. e ust Without units theanswe is incom te r ple . Significant figures Significant 2000 -> 2 x 103 one significant figure one • Lies between 1 x 103 2 x 103 10 3 x 103 10 2000 -> 2.0 x 103 two significant figures two • Lies between 1.9 x 103 2.0 x 103 2.0 2.1 x 103 2.1 Precision Precision There is a relationship between the There number of significant figures and the implied precision implied Number Absolute Absolute Error...
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