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a. Introduction Team name is Our presentation is going to be about the process of building a working robot, which would perform various tasks (What we did, how we did it, etc.) b. Overview H. Group Dynamics and Ethics -I think that human interactions and ethical hurdles among us were just fine. We respected each other’s opinions and helped each other to achieve given goal, to build a working robot. Time management could’ve been a little better: we spent a lot of time on planning and discussing what we were going to do and I thought we could’ve put a little more time on actually working out the problem.
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Unformatted text preview: Differences of opinion weren’t really a problem. We would first go with what we thought was the best opinion from given opinions and if that didn’t work we would simply move on to the next best one. There weren’t any temptation to gain unfair advantage or to sabotage other groups’ works. We were just trying to get our project done right. Looking back, I don’t really recall any huge problems that deeply set back our team. I think the recipe to our success as a team was that we just followed the instruction, worked hard to get things done right, and worked together as a group....
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