FAU LESSON PLAN FORMAT - Teacher: Alma Goff June 5, 2010...

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Teacher: Alma Goff Date: June 5, 2010 Subject : Math Grade Level: 3 rd Length of Lesson: 1 hour Instructional Objectives BIG IDEA 2 - Develop an understanding of FRACTIONS and FRACTION equivalence. Next Generation Sunshine State Standard: MA.3.A.2.2: The student will describe how the size of the fractional part is related to the number of equal sized pieces in the whole. Next Generation Sunshine State Standard: MA.3.A.Pa.a : The student will recognize parts of whole objects and parts of sets of objects. Goal 3 Standards: The students will demonstrate goal 3 standards during the lesson and when working alone, with a peer, and/or as a member of a small group. Subject Matter Content: In this lesson I will use interactive internet sites that allow students to manipulate fraction parts to form a whole and to compare different sizes of parts to form a whole. This will help students to gain understanding, of the concept, that as the number of parts in a fraction increase the smaller the parts become. I will also use concrete/hands on activities for the students to compare fraction numerators (since numerators represent a whole) to the size of their parts. These activities will allow students to also compare equivalent fractions. ESOL adaptations for students is determined by the individual student’s needs. Prior consultation with the ESOL teacher has taken place and suggests implemented as needed. The class room adaptations include wall posters in the student’s native language (SNL) and in English showing math terms with fractions pictures, math fraction literature books on the SNL’s reading level, pairing student (s) with a SNL/English speaker if possible or pairing with helpful student as partner, interactive internet sites that drive instruction more with hands on (and modeling) than words, using prior knowledge and examples that the student(s) can relate to, and providing home use internet sites in SNL and practice work that the student(s) and their parents can easily use. Other student adaptations will be made based on individual needs (IEP or 504). Instructional Procedures : Prior to this lesson as part of the “Fraction Theme” that is being taught across all subjects the room has been decorated with a “Faction Theme”. The “Fraction Theme” includes bulletin boards created by the students using their fraction art, posters about fractions, books about fractions in a display for student use in the student reading area, big books and other books that are related to understanding fractions that the teacher reads to the students, centers on fractions in the various developmental levels, talking about fractions, asking simple questions about fractions “ How much of your juice did you drink?” encouraging the student to use a fraction to answers and in their vocabulary. Also different types of fraction manipulatives are set out for student exploration . Computers are set up, with one click activation, to open a student interactive fraction web site access:
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FAU LESSON PLAN FORMAT - Teacher: Alma Goff June 5, 2010...

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