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Genki answers 15 - 05X Ha EEE-Scfiffi<‘(Class(Name 3...

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Unformatted text preview: 05X Ha: EEE-Scfiffi<‘@ (Class) (Name) 3 NounlUJ noung - X l: Y ‘6? @Translate the following phrases into Japanese using the framework “A03 B.” Note carefully that the order in which the two nouns appear may be different in English and in Japanese. Read Grammar 3 (pp. 16-17). Nihon Gakusee 1. Japanese student Takeshi san no Denwa 2. Takeshi’s telephone number desu Watashi no Tomodachi Desu 3. My friend Ego no Sensei Desu 4. English-language teacher Michiko san no Senmon ma 5. Michiko’s major genKou @Using the framework “X HY??? translate the following sentences into Japanese. 1. Ms. Ogawa is Japanese. Ogawa san ii Ninonjin (“To 2. Mr. Takeda is a teacher. Takeda san ma Sensei Desu 3. I am an international student. Watashi no Ryuugakusee Desu 4. Michiko is a first-year student. Michiko san ma Ichi nensee Desu 5. Ms. Yamamoto is 25 years old. YamamOto san ma Ni Jyuu Go Sai 6. My major is Japanese. Watashi no senmon ma. genkou ...
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