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Victor Bryson February 14, 2010 Conceptualizing Globalization Part I Describe the nature of the global environment and the risks businesses encounter in the global environment. Careful consideration should be given to this concept of globalism and its impact on international business. Globalization is the reduction and removal of barriers between national borders in order to facilitate the flow of goods, capital, services, and labor. With the prominence of trade agreements such as NAFTA and even the creation of the European Union globalization increased significantly. In the past, countries have been focused on nationalistic approaches to boosting their economy. Countries such as Japan have even undergone such drastic measures as isolationism. Isolationism can best be defined as the closing of a country’s borders to trade from other countries. Japan, in 1639, cut itself off from the outside world by closing its borders to outsiders which effectively stopped all import and exports of the country. Many factors led to this policy including the robbing of Japan’s resources, the tainting of its culture by outsiders, and the established government’s fear of its loss of power. The primary reason for this policy however was to be removed from the shadow of China. Before this Japan was more of a colony of China than an actual rival. This period of isolationism did increase the prominence of Japan and helped the country to gain footing in the world. This policy of isolationism lasted until 1854, when the United States forced Japan to openly trade with the outside world. This 200 year policy ended and Week 1, Assignment 1: Conceptualizing Globalization
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Victor Bryson February 14, 2010 forced the opening of Japanese ports to the United States and eventually the world. This allowed the United States display its influence on the other countries of the world. To this day Japan is still one of the greatest examples of anti globalization. Another time when the United States showed its global influence on the
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