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Victor Bryson Week 1 Inventory March 13, 2010 Wk 1 Inventory Refer to page 285, E6-14. Compute inventory turnover and days in inventory for each company given. Submit your answers by midnight Saturday of Wee 1. 25 points possible. a) OBRIEN 190,000/ 100,000/2 =3.8 INVENTORY TURNOVER
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Unformatted text preview: DAYS IN INVENTORY 365 / 3.8= 96.05 DAYS WEINBERG 292,000/ 140,000/2= 4.2 INVENTORY TURNOVER DAYS IN INVENTORY 365 / 4.2= 86.90 DAYS b) Weinberg is moving its inventory quicker than O’Brien Company. Weinberg has inventory for 9.15 days less than O’Brien Company....
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