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Victor Bryson January 17, 2010 Assignment 2 Executive Summary Magnus Enterprises LLC has established the Czar clothing brand in order to target young men ages 18-35 that are looking professional and casual attire. Our customers are young professionals whose incomes range from $25,000-$150,000. The customer is your average working man who is looking for contemporary apparel for the office and leisure. The clothing business in the United States had declining growth over the last three years. Overall the clothing industry in 2009 was down 6%. Despite this trend, the brand Czar is positioned in a niche market that has been affected in a less severe manner than other market segments. Czar is branded, moderately priced apparel with items ranging from $24-$100. The brand has metropolitan influences and is thus targeting cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. The initial distribution plan for the merchandise will be to specialty stores that the owner
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530assn2_Bryson_Victor - VictorBryson...

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