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Victor Bryson January 16, 2010 Assignment 1 Given the opportunity to develop a plan for either an existing or new service/product, I have decided to create Magnus Enterprises LLC. Magnus Enterprises LLC is an organization that recognizes that young men are looking for a unique style of clothing to fit their fashion tastes. Realizing this, Magnus Enterprises LLC created Czar, a clothing line that brings high quality merchandise to a target age group of men ranging from 18-35. The Czar clothing line contains casual wear and professional attire. The main focus of the company is providing
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Unformatted text preview: clothing that is suitable for the environment of work as well as play. Due to this open structure of the product, future expansion is readily available in subsequent brands. My objective is to develop a marketing strategy for Czar so it will have a successful entry into the clothing industry by January 31, 2010. The scope of the project is to assess Magnus Enterprises LLC marketing policies and business environment, so that a plan of action can be created for the branding, pricing, communication, and distribution methods....
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