Increasing productivity joint union management

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Unformatted text preview: ane cockpit, number of flight attendants 2. Increasing productivity --joint union-management cooperation on quality circles, teamwork, training programs, dispute resolution, health and safety --greater worker input on the shop floor 3. Influence prices of related inputs that are subject to regulation ! for example, IBEW concerned with price of energy in CA ! prevailing wage laws—floors on nonunion wages in public construction D. 1. Restrictive strategies Increase product demand --join with employers for policies to limit imports or require “domestic content” 2. Restrict supply of labor In crafts and in medicine-- by limiting number of slots in training programs. By creating occupational license requirements Promoting retirement benefits, disability benefits, unemployment compensation. E. Conclusion to this point Range of possible outcomes includes both positive and negative effects of unions on wages, wage inequality, productivity and growth. Conclusions must be based not just on theoretical models, but on empirical studies that determine which effects are most important. 4 5...
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