B eu immobility also applies to european union and to

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Unformatted text preview: nd cultural amenities or perhaps just inertia. b. EU Immobility also applies to European Union (and to the UK too), which has been opening geographic mobility and moves toward a single labor market. In 1993 EU “internal migrants” (Borjas p. 322) numbered 5 million, or about only 1.3 percent of population. New EU countries (as of May 1 2004) estimated to contribute only 3 percent of their population (or 3 million) to the west over next fifteen years! So population of current EU would be increased by only 1 percent by these migrants. D. International migration to the U.S. This is where numbers seem bigger and policy issues are highly debated. But in fact domestic inter-regional migration is bigger than international migration. In 2001, inflow of legal immigrants was about 1.1 million people, and estimated net flow of illegal immigrants was about 350K. Stock of illegal immigrants is about 6-9 million. Recall that gross inter-regional domestic flow was about 2 million workers. Flows have been larger since 1965 reform, wh...
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