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History 268 - Define/Locate in t ime/give example of i...

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Define/Locate in time/give example of it/significance to US history 1. 18 th amendement a. Established Prohibition in the US. Illegal to sell, manufacture or distribute alcahol. b. Went into effect 1920 c. Volstead Act - defined what was to be considered an alcaholic beverage- alcahol was still legal for use in other industries as long as it was not in a beverage d. Significant: Represented the cultural divide with the wets VS dry. Those that were dry were more religious, traditionalists and the wets represented the more urban, progressives. Prohibition brought about an advancement of womens rights as speakeasies welcomed women equally with men. Increase in organized crime in order to bring alcahol to the people. 2. 21 st amendement a. repeals 18 th amendment b. 1933 3. 19 th amendment a. Gives women the right to vote b. 1920 c. Significant because it was a step toward equality for women. 4. Alger Hiss a. A man that was accused of being a communist spy. Was indicted for perjury b. Mid 1940s c. Significant? 5. American Gothic a. Painting from Grant Wood of sad looking husband an wife farmer with pitchfork b. 1930s c. it is a painting- self exemplary d. Significant because it symbolized the times of the great drepssion, the sad faces, rough times for farmers, a solemn look to them. Showed how difficult it was during that time period.
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6. Black Tuesday a. Stock Market crash b. October 29 th 1929 c. Following Black Thursday, Friday, and Monday people continued to sell their stocks in record numbers. d. Caused the start of the great depression 7. Bull Market a. Increased investor confidence, economy ding well, stocks going up. Increase in investments b. The early 1920s leading up to the great depression c. High consumerism with high investor confidence and freeflowing credit caused a bull market in the early to mid 1920s. d. Significant because it made the stock market crash much harsher. People were expecting for the bull market to continue and the crash which turned into the Great Depression caught people of guard. Essentially if it was a
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History 268 - Define/Locate in t ime/give example of i...

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