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HWRK 1 - Nature Comparison - humanitys relationship to it?...

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NAME: HIST 2A Homework 1 As we’ve already seen, the natural world was crucially important to all early civilizations. Yet these civilizations often framed their relationship to nature and the environment in very different ways. Using your reader, analyze how the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Hebrews each conceived of the natural world. Based on their epic stories, creation myths, religious hymns, or law codes, how do you think each culture viewed nature and
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Unformatted text preview: humanitys relationship to it? Is nature something to be celebrated or subjugated? Should it be embraced or feared? How can you tell? What does this say about each culture? A good analysis will specifically reference the ancient sources to support its assertions. MESOPOTAMIANS Document: Analysis: EGYPTIANS Document: Analysis: HEBREWS Document: Analysis:...
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