Lecture 3 - January 12, 2010 HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber...

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January 12, 2010 HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber Lecture 3 BRONZE AGE EMPIRES Indus Valley Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro Dravidian Aryans Sanskrit Indo-European languages Hyksos Hittites First International System Linear B Questions: 1. Egypt in the Old Kingdom….developed a complex administrative system 2. Know main topics in lecture, bold words in book, key themes in lecture Sexagemisal (base 60) Review 1. Characteristics of Mesopotamia city states: a. Disunited city states b. Each city had its own god c. Kings—the development of a state society i. Sargon : First person who united the city states into a unified empire 2. Empire —ruling over others, ideology of “empire”, administration system, resistance or rebellion against empire power, empires have a crisis or a collapse
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January 12, 2010 HISTORY 2A Egyptian Old Kingdom (2686-2181) Centralized state headed by the PHARAOH (single central ruler), lead by a system of administrators and scribes, division of the land into provinces o Khefre (Chephren) ca. 2540-2505 BCE o What is a scribe ?—people of not noble birth could enter into the kingdom and work their way into the hierarchy if they learned how to be a scribe. Old Egypt—territorial state, era that we associate with building the pyramids o Why build the pyramids?—“house the soul of the pharaoh” as a symbol of pharaonic power, political and religious symbolism ***There was no separation of church and state in early societies**** Pyramids were also the use of “corve” labor—conscription labor by the state, people owe the ruler a certain amount of labor—during the wet season it gave something to do Pyramids were a project that unified people, pyramids helped to build Egypt in the strong Old Egypt state Strong state = Old Kingdom Old kingdom crumbled because local elites became more powerful and did not want to follow a central govn’t—Egypt enters an intermediate period
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Lecture 3 - January 12, 2010 HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber...

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