Lecture 5 - HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber Lecture 5The Greeks...

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January 19, 2010 HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber Lecture 5—The Greeks Achaemenid dynasty Satrapy Murasu ( Murashu ) archive Homer, Iliad and Odyssey Polis Panhellenism Greek-Persian Wars Peloponnesians War Herodotus (ca. 484-427) Thucydides (ca. 460-400) Pre-Socratics Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Near Eastern Empires—Persian society, government and ideals The first trans-Asian empire—under Cyrus they conquered from the western part of turkey into the east area of India—no other empire has had such a large geographical range The problem of succession—Achaemenid dynasty—it is because of this ancestor Diarius traces his linage back and claims he has the right to be king. Dynasty is from 500-300 (until Alexander the Great) o Built up a fairly stable administrative system o Provinces—set up to govern the people Persian Government—King was the supreme figure, hierarchical society, Persians adopted many things from the Assyrians and Neo-Babylonians o Herodotus : how can we trust an outsider’s vision of society?—He is a Greek, he has lived around Persia, has an agenda of his own.
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January 19, 2010 HISTORY 2A How does he depict the Persians, where are the biases? What about the text can we trust and use? Persian ideals depicted on coins : how to shoot a bow, how to ride a horse o Persians and the spread of coinage, 600-300BCE o The first coins = Lydia, 600BCE—adopted quickly in the area around Lydia, first the Greek and then the Persians o Results of the Persian empire—wider spread of coins to a larger geographical area o Coins in China developed independently 500BCE
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Lecture 5 - HISTORY 2A Meredith Huber Lecture 5The Greeks...

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