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Quiz Review2 - Quiz Review 2.2.10 For next week, you should...

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Quiz Review 2.2.10 For next week, you should read the entire ancient text of The Art of War: pages 163-233 in the Sawyer volume (with the red cover). The other material (modern notes and commentary) is optional. For the quiz, you should be familiar with material that we covered since the last quiz: Persia, Greece, the Hellenistic World, and India. There may be one question on early China. PERSIA Who was the great Persian Leader: Cyrus the Great (r. 559-530)—overthrew the Neo-Babylonian Empire, expanded Persia—Cyrus became the role model of the big emperor to be followed for years to come—the 1 st Trans-Asian Empire was created What was the name of the Persian Dynasty? Achaemenid dynasty Characteristics of Persian government: King = supreme figure, hierarchical society, many things adopted from the Neo-Babylonians Who was Herodotus ?—Greek who wrote about the Persians—first person to bring up the idea of writing about history— istoria Persian developments: Coinage —spread to a wider population, the Royal Road What is the Murasu Archive and what does it say about the Persian Empire? Financial and administrative tablets, 700—demonstrate that the Persian Empire had a sophisticated system for leasing land, transporting silver and agriculture and sub leases, Persians were able to expand the agriculture, Helped the Persians support their military—sometimes this decreased the efficiency of the Persian army What is a Satrapy ?—administrative and military organization of the Persian Empire Describe the Persian Army: Never well developed in comparison with the Greeks—most were just farmers GREEKS POLIS = New way of thinking in Greece—centered on the polis community-- Total community—
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Quiz Review2 - Quiz Review 2.2.10 For next week, you should...

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