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Midterm Study Guide - History 20 Midterm Examination Study...

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History 20 Midterm Examination Study Guide Spring 2010, Professor Kiril Tomoff Part I. Short Identification (50%) In 2-3 sentences for each, identify and state the significance of the term to the major theme from the lecture in which it was addressed. If the term comes from a reading assignment, identify it and state its significance - or that of the reading - to one of the themes from the lecture for which it was assigned. It is important to state the significance of each, but do not take too much time writing lengthy responses. Eight of the following terms will appear on the exam, and you will be required to choose any five. For the names marked "*", you must know both the name listed and the title of the primary document they authored (e.g. Rudyard Kipling or "White Man's Burden" may appear on the exam). The Terms Karl Marx* Jules Ferry* J. A. Hobson* John Reed* Anna Manning Comfort* Sigmund Freud* John Maynard Keynes* Franklin Delano Roosevelt* Joseph Stalin* Benito Mussolini* Toge Sankichi* Primo Levi* Industrialization urbanization nationalism colonialism imperialism Social Darwinism Triple Entente trench warfare Treaty of Versailles Vladimir Ilich Lenin February Revolution July Days War Communism national self-determination Ataturk Turkish Republic Porfirio Diaz Francisco Madero Pancho Villa PRI modernity superego Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Dada Surrealism Serialism Arnold Schönberg Henry Ford farm foreclosure trading on the margin documentary photography welfare state Five-Year Plan Collectivization Cultural Revolution (USSR) Great Terror Building Socialism March on Rome
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Midterm Study Guide - History 20 Midterm Examination Study...

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