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aanaa as a ko verb - 23.5 W ASA EffiVERB The verb...

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Unformatted text preview: 23.5 W ASA EffiVERB The verb 3il'lT-IT, when used as a 33' verb, means ‘lmow ’ in the sense of ‘know how to do something, As with other 3%" verbs: a) The logical subject always takes postposition a. b) The verb always agrees with the complement, whiCh does not take a postposition. Because of the meaning of W, the complement is usually either the name of a language (feminine) or a verbal noun (masculine): SUBJECT COMPLEMENT VERB 3e fifia'r‘r fl age W 3m? “a a That foreigner knows many languages. nee fl 6ft 5’)? WT 311m 3 a The cobbler knows how to repair shoes. W: _ Fill in the habitual present form of the verb 3TH)” l 2 Wfififififi ‘ I - re wwwwfigfirmfim i z : awmwmsafi it I a earns-13mm m i 1 (The object is a masculine singular verbal noun: 53:31“ 31? WT "repairing me shoes") lienmeniaan? i I a Look at the cartoon below and give the meaning of the caption. Can you guess who the two people (31% and W) are ? ...
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