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HW TYH 7 (end) - 6 Give the sixth room to someone else Yes...

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HOMEWORK FOR Monday, November 15. This homework assignment is based on the exercises on page 94 in Teach Yourself Hindi . Since there is a key to those exercises in the back of the book, the sentences below have been altered. Nevertheless, the key will give you model sentences for the sentences below. Exercise 7a.1. TRANSLATE INTO HINDI. 1.The clerk used to work in some post office and used to get to my house late. 2. Some people were sitting (seated) on the floor, but we didn’t need chairs. 3. For Diiwaalii we used to buy new clothes. 4. We don't like this foreign food; we want some vegetables and roTi's. 5. Aren't there any cheap cars here? That Maruti is rather expensive.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Give the sixth room to someone else. Yes, but to whom. 7. We needed the doctors but there was no one in their office. 8. Last year Father used to read the Mahaabhaarat and we used to watch Hindi films. Exercise 7a.2. Follow the instructions for Ex.7a.2 p.94 but use the following items: for the column at the right. a different clerk seventh heaven a hundred thousand pearls some new saris hundreds of hotels the holiday newspapers some electricity some correct answers the third house Exercise 7a.3 (same instructions as exercise 7a.3 on page 94 but use new expressions above)...
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