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lesson plan Nov. 18 - I Dictation(5 minutes $ 2 7 9 9 2...

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I. Dictation (5 minutes) पल $ िजयो । वह अग/ मही2 भारत जा रही 7 9कसको पानी चा9हए ? 2. Warm-up exercise- make the students ask each other these questions (5 minutes) अग/ मही2 आप कहा@ जाए@A / जाए@गी ? Bम कल Bबह Dया करोA / करोगी ? Bम कल Bबह Dया करोA / करोगी ? II. Discuss exam papers or anything else you think you have missed or want to talk about (5-10 minutes) Future tense drills from Usha Drills (15-20 minutes) III. Conversation 9 a- Ask the students to take turns to read the
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