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as-Electronic Etiquette - • If you’re using your cell...

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T ECHNO -E LECTRONIC E TIQUETTE The explosion of electronic devices adds a whole new dimension to the subject of Business Etiquette. It’s important to understand the direction of these evolving rules of conduct in order to feel confident that you are demonstrating the appropriate behavior expected in this new environment. Following are guidelines for cell phone and email etiquette and e-business meeting conduct: C ELL P HONE C OURTESY Use the vibrate function during meetings and in restaurants If you must take a call, alert your companions ahead of time, and then excuse yourself Respect the rights of those around you—no cell yell Use discretion when discussing personal matters or confidential business topics
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Unformatted text preview: • If you’re using your cell phone in a public place, find a secluded corner • Avoid cute ring tones • Don’t answer your phone while talking with someone E MAIL N ETIQUETTE • Provide an informative subject line • If in doubt, lean toward too formal versus too casual • Proofread before clicking Send • Make your message clear, crisp, and concise • Don’t shout with UPPERCASE LETTERS • Skip the cute decorations • Remember, no email is private E-B USINESS M EETINGS • Arrive on time, and introduce yourself • Have all homework done • Avoid background noise • Say your name when you talk • Avoid eating during conference • Thank the coordinator at the end...
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as-Electronic Etiquette - • If you’re using your cell...

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