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Dear ComputerTutor Customer, Backing up our computers is one of the most essential things we do. We all have heard horror stories about friends or colleagues who have lost all their data when their computer crashed—and this can happen regardless of how old your computer is. But backing up is not always simple. The various ways to do it can be confusing, the software can be difficult to use, and what if your office were to burn down with your backup in it? So the best and easiest way to insure your data's safety is to have an offsite backup. You could do that by taking an external hard drive to your safety deposit box at the bank, but you would have to do this everyday. Not very practical. Here is the online backup solution. Backup your data to a server in a different
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Unformatted text preview: location via the internet. Most such services charge by the month and by the amount of data you backup, which if you have a lot of songs and pictures, can end up being quite costly. I recently learned about Compbak, an online backup service that charges $50 per year for storing unlimited amounts of data, and it’s very easy to install and set up. One easy download, select from 3 options of what you want to backup, and voila! The service will constantly monitor your files and backup all the ones that change or are new, and the backup will occur when your computer is idle, so it will not affect performance. For a free 14 day trial, go to And, of course, if you would like any assistance with this, we will be happy to help you. ComputerTutor...
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