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Effective Presentations - Delivering Effective...

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Delivering Effective Presentations The ability to deliver effective presentations is a skill that will serve you well in any business situation. Conveying information in a clear, crisp, and concise manner enhances the possibility that your audience is likely to remember what you had to say. The following list of tips provides the first step on your path to successful presentations: Tips Stay out of the projector light. Seeing your PowerPoint presentation reflected on your face is very distracting. Don’t have anything in your hands (such as a pointer) unless you plan to use it. If you have something in your hands, you’re sure to play with it. Distracting. Point with the hand closest to the screen. Stand parallel to the screen with your feet toward the audience. Empty your pockets. Wear comfortable shoes. Wear something that makes you feel really good and that is comfortable. Have a small glass of water available. Nervousness can give you “cotton mouth.”
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Effective Presentations - Delivering Effective...

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