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P a g e | Annual Report Columbia State College Year-End Narrative Report Covering period ending December 31, 2007 College: Columbia State College Grant Number: WWCC-Connections-2007 Grant Director: Ariana Brod Address: 1200 Broadway, Newtown, IL 62448 Phone: (555) 981-2146 Email: [email protected]   RECENT EVENTS Approval of a new Technical Support degree/certificate program The curriculum committee approved the institutionalization of a new Technical Support degree/certificate program. This program is closely modeled upon the successful program at Bellevue Community College. The details of the program are adapted to local conditions. The degree/certificate programs will be introduced during the fall semester. Curriculum development is under way for the new courses required for this program. Some new courses will be pilot tested during the summer term. Many of the courses for this new program were developed for the network administration program. Departure of the Information Technology Department Head at CSC The head of the Information Technology (IT) department submitted his resignation last month. This will place a premium on the cooperation and coordination of department faculty as a replacement is sought. A national search will be undertaken, since there will be too few candidates available locally to compose a viable applicant pool. We expect to recruit a new department head within the coming six months. Planning for the Information Technology (IT) careers workshops CSC intends to offer another round of IT Careers workshops designed especially for high school sophomores and juniors. As was the case last year, the workshops will be offered via video teleconference and local activities. The workshops will feature a variety of guest speakers talking about careers in IT accompanied by learning activities to promote student confidence in their ability to learn IT skills.
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Combine_Annual Report - Annual Report Columbia State...

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