10-22 - -denial-unifying topics-postponement: ex - “have...

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Comm 1 Thursday, October 22 Interpersonal Communication (Relational Development) Relational Dialectics Perspective - Argues that relationships do NOT progress in stages - Always have contradictory feelings in relationships - autonomy vs. connection: independent vs. being with someone else (although you are your own person, you are in a relationship) --> patterns alternate between autonomy and connection - openness vs. closedness (expressiveness vs. privacy): gender difference; men don’t express their feelings - certainty vs. uncertainty (predictability vs. change): novelty - Relational communication is the dynamic process of dealing with these tensions (on- going activity) Interpersonal Conflict - Perceived incompatible goals (perception is key) - Perceived scared resources (not enough to go around) Conflict Style - Patterns of communication and approaches to conflict - 1. Conflict Avoidance - goal: stay away from conflict - ignore own needs and others need - Tactics used to avoid conflict - physical avoidance (including eye contact)
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Unformatted text preview: -denial-unifying topics-postponement: ex - “have to be somewhere, talk about it later”-formal rules-controlling the process ( argues how to argue)-2. Conflict Accommodation: -goal: let the other have his/her way-shows concern about others feelings-accommodating tactics: openly giving in, passive agreement-3. Passive Aggression:-Keep thoughts to yourself (not encouraging argument)-sent subtle, indirect negative messages-4. Competition: -goal: i win and you lose-concerned with themself-tactics: assertiveness, direct aggression, presumptive attribution (say something in order to upset the other person), ultimatum-5. Compromise:-goal: both gain something-trade off: lose something too-tactics: restating position instead of needs, experimental integregation-6. Collaboration:-goal: potential win/win-flexible goal perspective-tactics, description, high disclosure, showing empathy versus needs....
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10-22 - -denial-unifying topics-postponement: ex - “have...

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