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What makes persuasion effective?  16/11/2009 22:34:00 11/5/09 paper #2 course material, but also 2 empirical studies (journal studies, walk in sections) What makes persuasion effective? Style of Delivery For speeches, or style of delivery in an ad. EX: wear a lab coat in a speech to show expertise. Bridget Jones Diary has not presented herself well for an important presentation. Effective Delivery Appears “Natural” EX: reading a speech off the paper, not natural Reinforces (not distracts from message) EX: stuttering, rocking back and forth Is varied (not monotonous) varying voice pitch, up and down, volume Demonstrates immediacy public speaking, making eye contact, different than one on one. What helps? o Preparation and Rehearsal! o Effective notes Audience Factors Depends on the audience How to understand your audience? Knowing who your audience is. o Demographics (e.g. sex, race, income) who gets the highest ratings in TV for example. Within theses groups you still get a lot of variation o
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Comm1_11-5 - Whatmakespersuasioneffective?...

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