Comm1_11-12 - Small Group Communication Comm 1 Types of...

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Small Group Communication Comm. 1 11/12/09 Types of Small Group Comm. - People working together to support a type of common goal—3 to 25 people, they have to see themselves as part of a group - Intimate/social o Primary group (for mostly, family) shapes your identity, psychological and social; your inner motivations and the way you see yourself in the world o Also peers, clubs, task-oriented groups, social groups, etc o The research in comm. groups tends to be task-oriented groups. These studies focus on productivity, efficiency, decision making processes. Juries, appellate courts, home-ownership associations formal decision making Committees, study groups, Prof. Mullin is on comm. committees problem-solving/discussion Discussion sections, weight loss groups Education/therapy Type of group affects the comm. occurring within the group What are the effects of working in groups? - Experiment in 1913: they had a wheelbarrow full of coal/stuff; we had one person pushing 50 pounds and 2 people pushing 100 pounds. Can the one person push faster than the two people? We would expect the two people to get there at the same time. But the two people could go even faster with more strength, or slower because they might get in each other’s way. The results: the one person could go faster. - 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 people or GROUP of productivity worth 7 or 4 or 2? o
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Comm1_11-12 - Small Group Communication Comm 1 Types of...

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