Comm1_11-17 - Comm. 1 11/17/09 Intercultural...

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Comm. 1 11/17/09 Intercultural Communication—Howie Giles Outline - Communicative differences across cultures - Dimensions of cultural variation - Implicit model and applications - Limitations with approach - Conclusions Communicative Differences Across Cultures - Politeness: we’re socialized: Halloween/yuletide o We’re not born polite, we’re socialized into being polite o Going to a pub and Indian grad student doesn’t want to go. Few weeks later he comes and says he’s coming for dinner. In his part of India, you expect 3 invitations, when you only get 2 you say no; so he had to impose himself on them. Awkward. - Interpersonal distance (proxemics) and gaze o The farther away the more you can gaze o The closer you are the less you can gaze (more uncomfortable) White speakers no gaze gaze white listeners OPPOSITE with African-American speakers - Chronemics o In the west, we’re time conscious and our vocabulary is replete with temporal terms (lecture begins at 8, ends at 9:15 precisely) o We structure our day around time o Scandinavians are very punctual, if dinner is right at 7 then “a little too late, is much too late!” o Americans can be sometimes 10-15 minutes later, seems too eager
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Comm1_11-17 - Comm. 1 11/17/09 Intercultural...

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