Diamondpaperoutline - Why did white Eurasians dominate over...

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Why did white Eurasians dominate over other cultures through means of superior gun, population destroying germs, steel and food producing capabilities? Diamond believes it is due to environmental differences such as geography, climate, land size, resources, and isolation. He argues that civilization is a chain of developments each made possible by certain preconditions East/ West Axis o Diffusion of crops, animals, diseases, and ideas was facilitated in Eurasia because its predominant East-West presented similar climatic, geographic, and disease conditions to migrants and had no real barriers. o Diffusion in the North-South axis of the Americas, Africa, New Guinea/ Australia was slowed by the greater variation in climates, deserts, disease, nonarable land, and jungles (ex. Panama) o Ex. Diffusion rates varied from 0.7 miles/ year in SW Asia to 0.3 miles/ year in Eastern U.S. Ease of Species Spreading (East/West Axis) Many Suitable Wild Species o Diamond considers, and rejects, the idea that some people fail to adopt food production, or adopted it much later, because of cultural characteristics (“backwardness”). Areas who innovated food production encompassed the correct environmental attributes to do so. Plants Animals o Horses Many Domesticated Plant and Animal Species (Ease of Species Spreading/ Many Suitable Wild Species) Terms food production to encompass the domestication of wild animals and plants and their improvement for human purposes through selection of favorable mutation o Five major factors that influence the evolution from hunter-gathering to food production Declined availability of wild foods, particularly animals Polynesian settlers who colonized Easter Island brought chickens to the island, but only started to really domesticate them after the extinction of wild birds and porpoises Increased availability of domesticable wild plants made steps leading to plant domestication more rewarding Climate changes in the Fertile Crescent greatly expanded the area of habitats with wild cereals, of which huge crops, like
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Diamondpaperoutline - Why did white Eurasians dominate over...

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