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Charlotte Barillier 3049947 Wednesday; 8:00 A.M. May 26, 2030 Dear Mr. President, My name is Charlotte Barillier, and I am the senior analyst of the United States EcoLove Research Association. The scientists at USERA and I understand the devastation the past few months have created, and the impact the heat wave has had on our nation. As I am sure you are aware, the national population declined nearly 6 percent due to the drastic increase in temperature. However, we believe this catastrophic event symbolizes the beginning of great environmental rehabilitation. The dramatic decrease in population means a decrease in emissions, and necessary resources. Additionally, USERA has recently made massive advancements in self-hydrating, genetically engineered crops to assist with the food storage. It is important to recognize that although global warming is still a rampant issue, the extremity of our living conditions have subsided greatly. While filing papers on this month’s heat wave, I came across a book that reminded me how successful our nation’s government and environmental collaborative efforts have been. The 2008 expanded thirteenth edition of Taking Sides illustrates the major ecological issues of that time, each supported by and refuted by an argument. The book traces the beginnings of the energy crisis through one main factor and its two sub-factors; how existence of global warming ultimately promoted the use of biofuels, and the restoration of nuclear power. In the past two decades, our country has
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had to face all of these dilemmas, and I thought you would be interested in hearing the arguments that lead us down the paths we chose. Although each argument is unique, the topics share one subliminal theme. Each issue symbolizes the underlying clash between environmentalism and capitalism. For every debate, one side is arguing for environmental benefits, and one for the economical benefits. The competition of the economy blinded the masses, and ultimately created the majority of our world’s ecological problems. The manipulation and inescapability of capitalism encourages individuals to focus on self-gain instead of their surroundings and future generations. With such massive ecological decisions, people have trouble deciding between the moment and the future. Our reallocation of governmental funds towards environmental preservation eliminates the ideology that resources are expendable. If our society continues to support these advancements, USERA and the United States Government is on the pathway to ending the exploitation of capitalism and reconstruction of our ecosystem. The most significant issue Taking Sides addresses is the emission of “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. Although our society is far from doubtful now, during the George Bush administration the masses questioned the existence of global warming. Despite being aware of the issue for over a decade, the government directed people’s focus to the economical benefits of the oil industry. In
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ENIRO3 - Charlotte Barillier 3049947 Wednesday 8:00 A.M...

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