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New Spain [ Encomieda System, tribute, protection, mission system, proselytizing, Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscan, California, Sacred Expedition] 1540’s- discovered huge amounts of silver o Used Indians to mine gold and silver Encomieda system : slave labor in tribute o Awarded by king and queen o Natives owed “tribute” labor, food production, in turn given protection from outside o Extension of Euro feudalism to Americas Mission system: new world of “heathens” to convert o Proselytizing= spread the word of Christ (Catholicism) o Missionaries sent, appeared in 1590’s Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans all swore oaths of poverty and celibacy o Natives had rights once converted, considered Spanish; taught language and educated on religion Spanish saw this as a right, not forced upon them Intermarriage between Natives and Spaniards o Welcomed other races as long as they assimilated With expansion, mission systems grew o California last colonized by Franciscans 21 missions established Father Cera “Sacred expedition” in late 1700’s With missionaries, East-West transference o Indians contracted diseases o Spanish brought livestock, horses High tech world, intense enviromental manipulation English Colonies Created Parliament in 1200’s, limited monarch power Mercantilism: home country is best served by exporting finished
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environates2 - New Spain Encomieda System tribute...

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