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Hist 207 essay Civil War - Bo Thompson History 207...

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Bo Thompson History 207 Professor Detweiler October 28 th , 2009 The American Civil War The North and the South had always been very different from each other. However, it is hard to say that those differences made it obvious that someday the two sides would be involved in one of America’s bloodiest times ever. Many America’s died for the Union and many died on the side of the Confederation. To better understand how and why so many Americans died, it is important to first comprehend how these differences eventually led to the infamous American Civil War. The first major cause of the American Civil War was unrestrained sectualism. Different sections of America had become so upset with each other that it led to hatred. A metaphor that can be used to describe just how intense this break up was could be that of a divorce. Most marriages start with the two spouses having a lot in common and wanting to be together; however, eventually about half of those end up in divorce (typical one will change and the other refuses to accept that change). This also can also be seen as true for the North and the South. They had a lot in common: language (English), government (constitution and republicanism), legal system, capitalistic economy, wide spread property distribution, their primary religion, largely rural, materialistic, socially stratified, diverse, expansionistic, and racist. Also, it was very clear that at first both parts wanted to be together. They had made a compromise between
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the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan, had compromised to count slaves as 3/5 a person, and decided to pass the Bill of Rights to protect the individual. Nevertheless, small differences began to add up and the two slowly began to split in their theology. Despite how much they had previously wanted to make it work, the fact that the North and the South had slowly grown apart led to this “divorce” that was the first cause of the Civil War. Along with this unrestrained sectualism, the differences in the rate of change that occurred between the two sides helped cause the Civil war. In the North, modernization was becoming very popular. New technology became a trademark and about 93% of patents came from Northerners. Such things as the steel plow, the steamboat, the telegraph, and the revolver all came from the minds of northerners. Commerce, industrialization, and technological advances all were causing the North to change rather rapidly. However, in the South, they did not change at nearly the same rate. Since they were so good at doing what they did best, why would they change? The South was responsible for 57% of cotton exports and had 75% of the world’s cotton supply. At the time of the Civil War, 80% of workers were involved in agriculture and had no means to change. Agriculture was the only way the people of the South wanted to know. If the North could have not gone through so much change economically or of the South had also changed at such a rapid rate, it is very possible that the Civil War would have never been fought. The new idea of abolitionism was also a cause of the Civil War. In the North people
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Hist 207 essay Civil War - Bo Thompson History 207...

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