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Steven Le English 86 Home Work Essay #2 A Lesson of Life I have had success and failures in life. With me, each success helps me feel proud and glad with what I have done, each failure helps me have a lesson and try not to repeat mistakes that. Some failures don’t have consequences but some failures have big consequences and I have never forgotten that mistake, a mistake of youth. When I was fifteen years old, I was studying in middle school. With pride of my parent, I always was an excellent student of the school and received many prizes of the city. My mother often compliment me when my mother to met her friends, everybody looked at me with furore eyes and and probably also because it lead to the biggest mistake of my. I started to lose the concentration in learn. I thought I learned better than everybody and I didn’t need to do the homework because I thought its only dedicate for them who is learning weakness, with me, a good student didn’t need to do it because it will make me
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