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Assignment #4 - franchises that provide franchisees with...

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Bernadette Lurch August 7th, 2008 Assignment #4 I chose to research the financial requirements for a Domino’s franchise. Domino’s was the #1 franchise in 2007 listed by The Domino’s website stated that the franchise’s financial requirements are a minimum of $75,000 in liquid capital, minimum of $250,000 in net worth and strong credit history. Domino’s is also one of the few
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Unformatted text preview: franchises that provide franchisees with financial assistance. The company started the “Delivering the Dream” program. This program provides loans to existing employees to open their own stores. I believe that since it was the #1 franchise that the business potential for it would be great. Therefore, I believe that opening a Domino’s franchise would be worth the risk....
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