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17. We make the assumption that bead 2 is in the lower half of the circle, partly because it would be awkward for bead 1 to “slide through” bead 2 if it were in the path of bead 1 (which is the upper half of the circle) and partly to eliminate a second solution to the problem (which would have opposite angle and charge for bead 2). We note that the net y component of the electric field evaluated at the origin is negative (points down ) for all positions of bead 1, which implies (with our assumption in the previous sentence) that bead 2 is a negative charge. (a) When bead 1 is on the + y axis, there is no x component of the net electric field, which implies bead 2 is on the – y axis, so its angle is –90°. (b) Since the downward component of the net field, when bead 1 is on the + y axis, is of largest magnitude, then bead 1 must be a positive charge (so that its field is in the same
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