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The x and the y components are 2 1 sin 4 x dx dE r θ ε 0 λ =− π and 2 1 cos 4 y dx dE r 0 λ π , respectively. We use as the variable of integration and substitute r = R /cos , tan xR = and dx = ( R /cos 2 ) d . The limits of integration are 0 and π /2 rad. Thus, 0 0 00 0 sin cos 44 4 x Ed R RR θθ εε π2 λλ λ = ππ π and /2 0 0 0 cos sin . 4 y R π λ π We notice that E x = E y no matter what the value of R . Thus, G E makes an angle of 45° with the rod for all values of R . 33. Consider an infinitesimal section of the rod of length
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