L08 2009 Composition of cells

L08 2009 Composition of cells - Composition of Cells...

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Composition of Cells Lecture 08 Cole Gilbert Cornell University Alpha Zeta Fraternity Alpha Zeta Fraternity Proudly Presents: Proudly Presents: Ag Day Ag Day Activities Include: - Cow Chip Bingo Cow Chip Bingo - Barbecue - Ask a Farmer - Hay Bale Toss Hay Bale Toss - Petting Zoo When: Sept. 17 th , 2009 (Rain (Rain -Out Date: Sept. 18 Out Date: Sept. 18 th th ) Where: AG Quad Proceeds Benefit 4 Proceeds Benefit 4 -H & H & Local Farmers In Need ***Pre -Order Your Squares For Cow Order Your Squares For Cow Chip Bingo At A Discount!!!*** Contact: [email protected] .edu or see any member for tickets First informational meeting CORNELL PREMEDICAL SOCIETY ¼ »³¹ºµ»¼²³º¹µ³· ¸½½±³½ ´µ º ¹»´¼´µ¹½ ½´±º³ ±¾·¹» ¿±º»²À²¶±»´ ²³ »³¹ºµ»¼²³º¹µ³· ¿»¸º¹´µ»²¾¿À ´Á´³»¸ º³¹·³²½»¸¿ ±¸ ±  ´Â ¾´º ·Ã»Ä´ ŵ´À¹»²Á´ Æ·±ºÇ Tuesday, Sept. 15 th 4:35 pm Malott 251 Outside G01 Uris Hall between 1st and 2nd BioG 1101 lectures, Mondays, 9:45-10:15 am Wendy Aquadro Office of Undergraduate Biology (OUB), will be available to answer questions related to the Biological Sciences major, course selection and more! Bio Advising Grab & Go
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»¼½½¾¿¿À Á ¹ÂÃÄŽ½ºÄÆÇÅÃÈÆÉÊ Monday, 14 Sep. 2009 “MEET YOUR PROFESSOR” GUEST: Dr. Cole Gilbert, Instructor, BioG 1101 Room 302AB APPEL DINING HALL 5:45 PM Meeting place: West Entrance to Appel Center at 5:45pm active transport acylglycerols amphipathic aquaporin ATP cholesterol concentration gradient contractile vacuole Co-transport cytoskeleton diffusion diglyceride ester bond equilibrium facilitated diffusion fluid mosaic model free fatty acids freeeze fracture hydrogenated hydrophilic head hydrophobic tail hypertonic hypotonic Integral protein isotonic lipids monoglyceride osmosis peripheral protein permeability phospholipid plasmolyzed proton pump saturated sandwich model selective permeability self assembly SEM semi-permeable membrane sodium-potassium pump steroid TEM triglyceride turgid unsaturated Mea culpa Water balance in cells is more complicated osmosis has two components solute differences osmolarity
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L08 2009 Composition of cells - Composition of Cells...

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