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Dr Mc’s Philosophy 001 (1104--Evening) Part Notes, Week 2 © Assignment #1 “I am ____________________________.” Is that sentence both __________________? - What proposition is expressed depends on ___________________. ___________________________ Two tokens (instances) of the same type of sentence can ________________________________. Token = Type = Usually, two tokens of the _____________________________ express the _____________________________ - If you say it and I say it, we __________________________. Usually, two tokens of _____________________________ express _____________________________ - - Two tokens of ______________________ can express ____________________ Examples?: What a sentence means _______________________ - - ___________ sentences use such things as ____________________ CP didn’t have a good way to handle ___________________ 1104001partnotesweek2 © 1
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avoids the problem by referring to _______________________ “facts”= ______________________ “propositions”= _____________________________________ A consequence of CP1 _________________________________________________ What’s a _________________? The property of being ________________________________. So, every proposition is ______________________, but not _______. (p. 31) Does OTV imply that we know the truth value of all propositions? If we all believe that a proposition is true, does it follow from CP1 and OTV that it is? Another consequence of CP1: The truth or falsity of a proposition is not a matter of the way ________________ It’s an “____________” matter. Knowledge : S knows P if and only if: 1) 2) 3) (S=____________, P= _____________) The first condition—when, for a proposition that S has considered, would that condition not be met? -S believes p __________: i.e., S _____________ p. -S has ___________________: i.e., S _____________________ about the truth value of p. 1104001partnotesweek2 ©
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1104001partnotesweek2 - Dr Mcs Philosophy 001...

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