Post-Lab_mitosis - b. microtubule __each identical half of...

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BI 112 Post Lab Questions Week 8: Mitosis 1-2. Each phrase below refers to either mitosis or meiosis. In addition, a phrase might refer to both of these processes. In the blank before each  phrase, place the letter(s) that correspond to the process(es) to which the phrase refers: mitosis = A, meiosis = B. ____ required for sexual reproduction ____produces two genetically identical cells ____involves the cell cycle ____chromosomes replicate before the process begins ____occurs in the ovaries or testes of animals and in sporangia of plants produces ____four genetically unique cells ____occurs in somatic cells ____ in a multicellular organism, required for growth or replacement of cells 3-4. Match each of the following structures with its best description (one per structure). Place the correct letter in each blank. a. centrosome __DNA and associated proteins
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Unformatted text preview: b. microtubule __each identical half of a duplicated chromosome c. chromosome __granular region outside of the nucleus; organizes microtubules d. sister chromatid __moves chromosome to its proper location 4-5. List the four stages of mitosis and give one feature of each. (Omit prometaphase, which is an extension of prophase). 1 2 3 4 5. Give one structural difference between plant and animal cells during cytokinesis. plant vs animal 6-7. A cell containing 12 chromosomes goes through mitosis and cytokinesis. aa. How many daughter cells are produced? b. How many chromosomes are in each daughter cell? 7. What do scientists call the stage of a cell that is NOT going through the cell cycle? 8. Why were onion root cells selected for Exercise 3 in last weeks lab? 9. What are somatic cells?...
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Post-Lab_mitosis - b. microtubule __each identical half of...

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