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Ch 8 S.G. - Chapter 8 Study Guide 1 Know the definition of...

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Chapter 8 Study Guide 1. Know the definition of asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. 2. Understand how sexual reproduction is more likely to increase genetic variation than is asexual reproduction. 3. Understand how prokaryotes reproduce (name for this), focus on how chromosomes separate during cell division 4. Know the definition of sister chromatids and when and where they occur in mitosis and meiosis. 5. What processes occur during interphase? 6. If the S phase were eliminated from the cell cycle, what would happen to daughter cells? 7. What processes occur during prophase and prometaphase? 8. Looking into your microscope, you spot an unusual cell. The cell has a very narrow middle separating two bulging ends. It sort of looks like the number 8! What phase of mitosis is this cell? 9. As a patch of scraped skin heals, the cells fill in the injured area but do not grow beyond that. 10. What is the function of mitosis?
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