Ch. 3 S.G. - Exam 3 Study Guide Spring Term 2010 for the...

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Exam 3 Study Guide Spring Term 2010 for the exam May 24 th 2010 Chapter 5 1. Certain cells that line the stomach synthesize a digestive enzyme and secrete it into the stomach. This enzyme is a protein. Which process could be responsible for its secretion? 2. Phagocytosis is to eating as pinocytosis is to 3. How does kinetic energy differ from chemical energy 4. In the reaction A B + C + heat, know where potential and kinetic energy is 5. A steer must eat at least 100 pounds of grain to gain less than 10 pounds of muscle tissue. This illustrates (know both laws of thermodynamics) 6. Understand how living systems operate within the laws of thermodynamics 7 and 8. Define endergonic and exergonic processes and understand in the context of how a cell uses chemical energy to perform work. 9. Why is ATP used as the cell's energy exchange mechanism 10. What is an energy barrier and how does it differ from the energy of activation? 11. How does an enzyme catalyze a reaction? 12. What is/does the active site of an enzyme? 13. Define cofactor and recognize an example. 14. How does inhibition of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction by a competitive inhibitor differ from inhibition by a noncompetitive inhibitor? 15. Define and recognize an example of noncompetitive inhibition, feedback inhibition, positive feedback, and competitive inhibition. 16. Short answer: Based on what you know about competitive inhibitors, list some reasons you would choose this type of inhibitor in effective drug design. 17. Short answer: Diagram an energy profile of conversion of reactants A—B and C—D to products A—C and B—D. Label energy of activation and the net change in energy. In a similar graph, diagram how an enzyme influences the energy profile. Chapter 6
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Ch. 3 S.G. - Exam 3 Study Guide Spring Term 2010 for the...

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