Bio Final Exam S.G.

Bio Final Exam S.G. - Final Exam Study Guide Multiple...

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Final Exam Study Guide Multiple Choice (60 pts): 1. Recognize the dependent, independent, controlled, standardized variables in a scenario question. 2. Know fundamental differences between ionic, covalent, hydrogen bonds 3. Know all bonding that occurs in and among water. 4. Know steps of dehydration and hydrolysis. 5. Know facilitated diffusion and active transport. 6. Define exergonic and endergonic. 8. Define redox. 9. Define heterozygous, homologous, homozygous, allele, autosome. 10. Determine genotype of parents based on phenotype of offspring. 11. Given phenotype of parents, determine phenotype of offspring. 12. Determine phenotypic ratio of offspring from a cross: AaBb x AaBb. 13. Know phenotypes of a carrier of a genetic disorder, include information on whether offspring will inherit. 14 and 15. Define incompletely dominant, codominant, recessive, dominant, pleiotropic, polygenic, blending inheritance. 16. Define linked genes and know how they sort in meiosis. 18. Understand sex linked transmission of traits when the female is homozygous recessive, heterozygous, and when the male is recessive. 19. Define regulators, operators, inhibitors, repressors, activators. 20. Understand how lac operon functions with the repressor, focus on what happens when lactose is bound to repressor. 21. Understand how tryptophan operon is controlled.
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Bio Final Exam S.G. - Final Exam Study Guide Multiple...

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